Why Caballadas?

The ultimate horse riding and fly fishing experiences on our exclusive, family owned and operated estancia in the heart of Northern Patagonia.

What Makes Us Different

For those wishing to visit the beautiful destination of Patagonia, there are plenty of options for where to stay. So how can you know which one has the most to offer? Caballadas, in Northern Patagonia, offers everything a guest could want – privacy and exclusivity, traditional Argentine hospitality, outdoor adventure, delicious cuisine, and a truly authentic Andes Mountains experience, unlike any other.

Incredible People – Family Owned and Operated Since 1908

At Caballadas, we treat every guest as if they were part of our own family – and we should know! Our family has been preserving this territory for more than a century. We are passionate about horses, wildlife, riding, and fishing in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it shows.

Amazing Horseback Riding

The estancia is home to around 60 beautiful horses that roam free on our 20,000-hectare ranch. Our riding horses are well schooled, local stock horses mixed with Anglo-Normandos, Criollos, and polo ponies. We have a large selection of horses, allowing us to cater to riders with a variety of abilities and confidence levels. They are neck-reined, well behaved, and sure-footed, making our riding trips safe and most enjoyable. You’ve never ridden a horse until you’ve ridden a Patagonian horse! Privacy and Exclusivity

World-Class Fly Fishing

Caballadas covers over 14 kilometers of pristine river waters, several creeks, and a lake. The property plays host to one of the most exclusive fly-fishing rivers in Patagonia, the Quillen, famous among dry fly fanatics. The wide variety of water structure and bottoms provide a perfect habitat for a good population of trout, where abundant browns and rainbows are actively feeding and rising through most of the season.

Vast Open Space to Explore

We are nestled right on the border with Chile, in the wildest, most secluded and spectacular area of the Patagonia Lake District. Surrounded by Parque Nacional Lanín, the northernmost park in the Patagonia Lake District, we have some 20,000 hectares (200 square kilometers or 77 square miles) of private land for you to explore. Not only does our ranch afford some of the most breathtaking views on earth, you’ll feel as if you have the place entirely to yourself – because you do!! 

Unique Natural Landscapes

Our estancia is home to multiple eco-regions – from arid plains to forests to alpine highlands and summits. You’ll travel across pampas on the Patagonia steppe (grassy plains). You’ll discover the distinctive and beautiful Araucaria araucana, more commonly known as the monkey puzzle tree, one of the world’s oldest species of trees. In Argentina, it is found only in the cordillera (mountains) of the Neuquén Province, a fascinating prehistoric survivor that has been around for more than two hundred million years. And you’ll feel the presence of the snow-capped Lanín Volcano (3,776m / 12,388'), towering above you throughout your stay. Add to that glacial lakes, raging rivers, and quiet creeks, and you’ll find a new landscape to immerse yourself in wherever you turn.

Authentic Argentine Experiences

At Caballadas, it’s all about tradition. From the clothes, to the horses, the cuisine and the accommodations, everything at the estancia is maintained as part of traditions that were established over 100 years ago. Our lodge was built from native oak and stone; the horses' tack is handcrafted by native Mapuche women; our horses are descended from those brought over Spain in the 1800s; Gauchos continue to care for livestock across the ranch; and our local chefs offer anwide variety of mouthwatering traditional local dishes – empanadas, asados al disco, mixed grill parillas – from recipes that have been in our family forever!


We know how important it is to take care of the land, and to take care of the people who help us care for it. From early in the estancia’s history, we have worked with the surrounding communities, providing employment and giving back in numerous ways. Not only do our gauchos hail from the area, we purchase handicrafts from local artisans, including tack for our horses, and woven rugs and bedding. La Liga was established by the daughters of the founder some 70 years ago, to provide clothing and household goods to the members of the community surrounding the estancia. And we help support a school which offers educational opportunities in agricultural studies to the community surrounding the estancia. 

Privacy and Exclusivity

Since 2008, we’ve been offering our guests a unique, exclusive experience, and the ultimate in privacy for discerning guests seeking active, luxury travel. When you travel to the ranch, you’ll be far from the crowds on our private 60,000-acre estancia. What’s more, you’ll have the entire place to yourself with our exclusive bookings (you choose the guests!); or you will share the spacious lodge with a few family members, experiencing true Lagos Marmol style, with our semi-exclusive bookings.

At Caballadas, our guests have the rare opportunity to experience a way of life that has been protected and preserved for over five generations.