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Why Caballadas

The ultimate horse riding, polo, and fly fishing experiences on our exclusive, family owned and operated estancia in the heart of Northern Patagonia.

Ten Reasons to Stay with Caballadas

For those wishing to visit the beautiful destination of Patagonia, there are plenty of options for where to stay. So how can you know which one has the most to offer? Caballadas, in Northern Patagonia, offers everything a guest could want – privacy and exclusivity, traditional Argentine hospitality, outdoor adventure, delicious cuisine, and a truly authentic Andes Mountains experience, unlike any other.

Not sure if Caballadas is the right choice for you? Here are ten reasons why a stay at our family estancia is the way to go, to make your visit to Patagonia a truly unforgettable one!

1. Incredible People – Family Owned and Operated Since 1908
At Caballadas, we treat every guest as if they were part of our own family – and we should know! Our family has been preserving this territory for more than a century. We are passionate about horses, wildlife, and riding in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it shows. 

2. Lifelong Memories
We make sure we take you off the beaten path for truly authentic experiences, so you can enjoy the best that Northern Patagonia has to offer. Our trips are so unique and full of wonder, that our guests create memories that last a lifetime! 

3. Unique Natural Landscapes
The estancia is home to the distinctive and beautiful Araucaria araucana, more commonly known as the monkey puzzle tree, one of the world’s most enduring species of trees. It is found only in the cordillera (mountains) of the Neuquén Province in Argentina, and at similar latitudes across the border in Chile, where it grows on impoverished volcanic soils at altitudes of between 600 and 1800 meters (1,969' and 5,906'). This fascinating tree species is a prehistoric survivor and has been around for more than two hundred million years. The ones you see today are descendants of those that survived the great volcanic eruption that flattened most of Patagonia 150 million years ago.

4. Amazing Horseback Riding
The estancia is home to around 60 beautiful horses that roam free on our 20,000-hectare ranch. Our riding horses are well schooled, local stock horses mixed with Anglo-Normandos, Criollos, and polo ponies. We have a large selection of horses, allowing us to cater to guests with all riding abilities and confidence levels. They are neck-reined, well-behaved, and sure-footed, making our riding trips safe and most enjoyable. You’ve never ridden a horse until you’ve ridden a Patagonian horse!

5. World-Class Fly Fishing
Caballadas covers over 14 kilometers of pristine river waters, several creeks, and a lake. The property plays host to one of the most exclusive fly-fishing rivers in Patagonia, the Quillen, famous among dry fly fanatics. The wide variety of water structure and bottoms provide a perfect habitat for a good population of trout, where abundant browns and rainbows are actively feeding and rising through most of the season.    

6. A Mecca for Polo
Discover the Sport of Kings as live the dream of playing polo in Argentina, long regarded the polo mecca. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you’ll play this adrenaline-fuelled game on masterpiece polo fields in Patagonia’s San Martin de los Andes. Plus, watch a match at the world-famous Argentine Open Polo Championship in Buenos Aires!

7. Excellent Accommodations
Location, location, location! Caballadas is located on a private 20,000-hectare estancia nestled right on the border with Chile, in the wildest, most secluded and spectacular area of the Patagonia Lake District. Not only does our ranch afford some of the most breathtaking views on earth, but guests will feel right at home at our warm, welcoming lodge.

8. Fantastic Food and Wine
Let our local chefs your senses with a wide variety of mouthwatering traditional local dishes, including the famous Argentine asados (barbecues), accompanied by some of the finest Argentine premium wines. You’ll think you’d died and gone to gastronomical heaven!

9. Privacy and Exclusivity
Since 2008, we’ve been offering our guests a unique, exclusive experience, and the ultimate in privacy for discerning guests passionate about active, luxury travel. When you travel to the ranch, you’ll be far from the crowds on our on a private 60,000-acre estancia. What’s more, you’ll have the entire place to yourself and your choice of guests!

10. A Lot of Fun
In addition to world-class horseback riding adventures, fly fishing, and polo, we also offer a wide variety of other activities for our guests to enjoy, including golf, boating, and plenty of opportunity to hike or trek the spectacular surrounding trails.

Etched in your mind forever...

At Caballadas, our guests have the rare opportunity to experience a way of life that has been protected and preserved for over five generations. 

On our horseback riding trips, we provide regional guides with hands-on experience, similar to what the gauchos who roamed Argentina also enjoyed – hours of horseback riding on unspoiled landscapes through the forests and pampas (plains), and navigating rivers. Guests have an opportunity to sleep under the stars and enjoy real solitude – at times, several days ride away from the nearest towns!

We use certified, expert local guides on all of our fly fishing trips. Guides who grew up here in Patagonia, and have been fishing these waters their entire lives – with skills handed down from their fathers, and their fathers fathers.

And on our polo trips, instructors are professional Argentine polo players, each with a 3-7 goal handicap, perhaps descendants of the Argentine gauchos who quickly took up the sport introduced by British settlers in the late 1800s.

Our trips are so unique and full of wonder, that our guests are never the same after the experience. A recent guest wrote to us: “We are still very often talking about the great time we had with you. It was absolutely outstanding.” One thing is clear: if a trip to Patagonia is in your near future, there’s simply no better place to stay for relaxation, outdoor adventure, local gastronomy and a truly authentic experience than Caballadas.